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Competition for Posadas Carvajal Early Childhood and Primary School. Phase 1. C2-SD1 substitution.

Huévar del Aljarafe (Seville)

The functional organization of the building responds to the following basic criteria and objectives:

. Provide a clear and comfortable space for its occupants, with a SIMPLE ORGANIZATION that guarantees immediate  understanding of its operation. For this reason, the early childhood education room is located in the lowest area of the site and closest to the entrances, while the primary classrooms are distributed over two floors and use the rest of the plot more freely. The routes of the different  levels are virtually differentiated with level changes, which  make them independent but not separate.

. Achieve quality in these spaces, with correct levels of lighting, ventilation and COMFORT in general. Since the users of the building,  make continuous use of it, they spend a large part of their time in the classrooms and play areas. For this reason, the building has a longitudinal development that facilitates the clear and correct lighting of rooms, and in turn generates spaces for travel that, due to their size, are also places of stay and enjoyment.

. Distinguish public and private uses. We believe that it is important that the public uses of the center do not interfere in the daily life of the students, for this reason the organization solution of the building provides us with the INDEPENDENCE OF THE COMMON SPACES  from the most private ones.

The distribution path itself helps us to achieve this independence. Distance provides privacy.

Thus, there is at the north end of the plot an independent service access to the kitchen and staff area, as the final point of passage from public to private.

. Importance of the exterior spaces, we must also emphasize the daily use that is made of the OUTDOOR SPACES in this type of building, for this reason we have studied in detail the routes, the links between the living areas, as well as an element in our Important land, protected from the sun.  We propose an element of clear geometry (circle) that delimits the northwestern dividing wall of the site, and helps us as a separating element to distinguish exterior uses, generate a route, control changes in level and if possible due to the final budget, we would like it to be completed as a seating and shade line for playgrounds, such actions can always be completed later, since it deals with plant elements and light structures of pergola.

Screenshot 2023-02-13 at 13.54.07.png


  • Year: 2012

  • Promoter: Sevilla Active

  • Surface:3150 m2

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