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Miguel Cid

Reform project for 2 houses.

C/ Miguel Cid, 71. Seville

The house on which the reform will be carried out, dates from the 18th century, and is located on a rectangular plot with a façade on Calle Miguel del Cid, with a total length of approximately 8.71 m.

The architectural proposal that this Project represents, starts from the consideration of the architectural and patrimonial values of the building, preserving what is considered relevant, in this case practically the entire structural scheme of the house, stairs, facade, and location and shape. of patio.

Regarding the interior distributions, a reform of the interior partitions and the location of the rooms is proposed, but in general, by maintaining the primary use as a multi-family dwelling with one dwelling per floor, the changes are not resounding.

It is also proposed to maintain the staircase completely, both its location, shape and development, only modifying its steps in the case of the ground floor, and its replacement on the first floor (because it is made of wood and its physical maintenance is impossible).


The only modifications presented, is to place a glass hood in the courtyard of the second bay, which allows lighting and ventilation, and in turn protects the enclosures from humidity (insufficient thickness due to reduced dimensions).

0703_Situación miguel cid.jpg


  • Year: 2003

  • Promoter: D.GDSL

  • Builder: -----

  • Surface: 141.59 m2

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