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Fair 16

Rehabilitation project for a building with 15 homes and premises.

C/ Feria, 16. Seville

This rehabilitation project is located on a plot of land with a building with protection level "D" partial grade 2 according to the PGOU-2004, and protection level "E" according to the PGOU-87, and the ordinances of the Historic Center are applicable. .

The intervention plot  has a surface area of 281.46 m2 and a façade of 9.69 mac/Fair.

The proposal intends to maintain all the elements that are considered characteristic of the typology that it represents, and that despite the reforms that the building has undergone in all these years, are still relevant, defining the type "house of apartments" although greatly altered.

The proposed building does not greatly alter the distribution of the current state, since it is a partial reform that maintains the existence of a local in pt. ground floor and access with stairs to the houses that continue to be developed on the upper floors. The most important change is found in the union of two houses in one so that they comply with the minimum dimensions required by current regulations. These changes take place on the first, second and third floors, going from the 15 houses in the current state to the 12 in the reformed state.

Of the 12 projected homes, 3 face the façade, as at present, and 9 are interior.

3 houses are distributed in duplex between the third floor and headframes, giving a use linked to the constructions of pt. penthouse

The general scheme is a pedestrian access where the original is located, with direct access to the vertical communications core of stairs and elevator, maintaining the current location of the building, and from here it is distributed directly to the exterior and interior dwellings through a gallery that accompanies a patio, around which some of the existing houses are developed.

On the attic floor, kitchens of the houses in the background, on the third floor, are proposed, which make private use of the terraces that are attached to it. Two common terrace areas are maintained for the use of the entire community.



  • Year:2005

  • Promoter:ISADOAN SL

  • Builder:-----

  • Surface:1,070.64 m2

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