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Gonzalo from Bilbao

Project for 13 homes, 2 offices and 3 commercial premises

C/ Gonzalo Bilbao, 22, Esq. C/ Padre Méndez Casariego. Seville

The plot is located on the corner, two streets away, Calle Gonzalo de Bilbao and Calle Padre Méndez Casariego, this is a good starting point, which allows us to have sunny and ventilated homes. The building is proposed in a practically symmetrical distribution, with two floors per floor. In the same way, the common areas configure the eje of symmetry, while the patio is located at the far left of the plot, serving one of the houses and the community staircase. This fact is compensated on the other floor, which has a longer façade length. The houses have a fairly simple layout, one bedroom, with living rooms and bedrooms facing the street, and humid areas inwards. The façade, being a building outside the Historic Center, aims to give a more current image to the environment, which is gradually being renewed, to respond  to the requirements from this area of the city.

Situación2 gonzalo de bilbao.jpg


  • Year: 2006

  • Promoter: SENTIER, SL

  • Builder: ---

  • Surface: 1326.52 m2

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