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Amador de los Rios dwellings

Renovation project for 5 dwellings

13 Amador de los Ríos Street, Seville

Technical intervention in the first floor of an existing two street facade building, with 6 and 4 floors.

On the ground floor we have a commercial premisse (not in use at the moment) and the building's access and service shared areas.  From those ground floor's shared areas (accessible from Amador de los Rios street) you can access the parking basement from Arroyo street. In the center of the building you can find two coutyards with 33 and 48 m2, which organize the change from 6 to 4 floors of the building.


On the first floor, there are now 3 offices and shared toilets. Those offices are all of the same property and it is the area that´s affected by the renovation which we are proposing.


We propose the interior redistribution of the first floor, without any variation of the facades, the *viario* nor the courtyard. 

We only redistribute the interior spaces to place 5 dwelings with 2 rooms each, open to the courtyard, living rooms to the facade side and open kitchens. On this floor the courtyards are accessible from the building's shared areas and passable on the first floor.



  • Year: 2018

  • Customer:INALCOVEN SL

  • Construction company:EGION

  • Surface:363.53 m2

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