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ship yellow road

Reform and expansion of an industrial building for offices, premises and a warehouse. C/ Roberto Osborne, 13 PI

Yellow Highway. Plot 147. Seville

The architectural proposal that this project represents, aims to generate a building that is recognized in the environment and defines it.

The main use of the industrial building that is to be remodeled is storage at the back and commercial at pt. Lower and offices in pt. High, at the head of the existing building.

The general uses do not modify the existing ones, although their distribution of surfaces does, since due to the increase in surface area allowed by the new General Plan 2004 (but which is not opposed to PGOU 87), it is proposed to increase the surface allocated to uses of the head of the building to the detriment of the use of storage in the rear area, which will be diminished.

Due to the state of the building in question, a rather deep intervention is required. Thus we opted to carry out a reform that includes, in addition to the reinforcement in foundation and structure chapters, a change of external image, which can accommodate and respond to the company that it is going to house.

On the other hand, it is important to respond to current regulations, in several important aspects:

-Architectural barriers

-Fire protection

-Municipal ordinances

All these questions  have been taken into account to create a comfortable, safe, efficient and respectful set with the environment.


  • Year: 2004

  • Promoter: Casa Marquez

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