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Carlos Canal

Reform of building for 4 houses. C/ Carlos Cañal, 42.  Seville

The architectural proposal that this Project represents, starts from the consideration of the architectural and patrimonial values of the building, preserving what is considered relevant, in this case the facade of the building, the first built bay, the vertical structure of load-bearing walls ,  the location of the staircase, as well as the formalization of the main patio and lights.


Regarding the interior distributions, a total reform is proposed, since a change of use of the building is proposed, proposing a multi-family program. In addition, the current state of the distribution does not present any special interest, since it has suffered great variations with respect to the original state, due to the use to which it has been destined.

The proposed multi-family housing typology tries to adapt as much as possible to the structure of the building. That is why an independent house is projected per floor, so that each one of them has ventilation and light from the façade, main patio and backyard, thus achieving greater privacy in the rooms.

The proposed typology, despite the changes that are discussed below, maintains the main scheme of housing with patio principal  living room and staircase linked to it (in the second bay). The rooms face the said main courtyard, which is confirmed as the backbone and core element of the dwellings.


  • Year:2000

  • Promoter: Private

  • Ssurface: 380 m2

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