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Reform of building between party walls for 19 homes, commercial premises, garages and storage rooms. C/ Campamento, 29-33. Seville

The proposal proposes the replacement of almost the entire building of the neighborhood corral, but maintains all its significant elements in their original use, shape and location.


A residential building with homes with no more than two bedrooms is proposed, with access from the interior distribution gallery, with a clear common and centralized free space, which together with the shared routes favor a relationship between neighbors, very characteristic of this typology.

The building consists of a basement for parking and storage rooms, ground floor, first, second and attic for homes.


Of the 19 projected homes, 15 face the façade, and 4 are interior. In addition, the houses on the second floor with an attic are distributed in duplexes.


  • Year 2002

  • Promoter:Tele Hospital SL

  • Builder: Casa Márquéz, SL

  • Ssurface:2282 m2

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