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Sunrise Hights Housing Complex

New residential development of 46 dwellings and garages

Lot CHU-2, Bahía de las Rocas, Plot 51. Manilva (Málaga)

The project consists in the construction of 46 dwellings, parking lots and storage rooms with the dwellings organised in exempt blocks: three blocks with three elevation floors each. All of them are similar (Block 1 and 2 are symmetrical and block 3 has one more dwelling on each floor) except the ground floor, which has one less dwelling on blocks 1 and 2 so they are bigger dwellings with facilities rooms and shared porticos. This way we find 14 dwellings on blocks 1 and 2 and 18 dwellings on block 3.

None of them has a proper entrance hall, the stair accesses are located on the blocks edges, elevator access on the center of the blocks and an open gallery to connect all of this areas.

We aim for three types of dwellings, the ones on the edges of the blocks with 3 bedrooms (T1 y T3) and the center ones with 2 bedrooms (T2).

In blocks 1 and 2 we can find 3 central dwellings (T2) on each floor (just two on the ground floor) and in block 3 there are 4 central dwellings (T2) on each floor, making a total of 46 dwellings. In conclusion, sixteen type 1 dwellings with three bedrooms, twenty eight type 2 dwellings with two bedrooms and two type 3 dwellings with three bedrooms.

We plan for the construction of a shared pool located between the blocks in the center of the plot and on an intermediate level platform. A purifying room and toilets for the pool will be located there along with a multipurpose area with a terrace.

Electrical and hidráulica meter box rooms are located on the ground floor and the remainder communal facilities are located on the basement level. We also planned the basement, one cistern per block for fire extinguishers supplying and its corresponding pressure group.


We planned for 53 parking lots and 46 storage rooms. 

Manilva 2 - Integracion.jpg


  • Year: 2018

  • Client: Metrovacesa

  • Surface: 9257 m2

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