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Blue Views Housing Complex

New residential development of 45 dwellings and garages

Lot CHU-2, Bahía de las Rocas, Plot 30. Manilva (Málaga)

The project consists in the construction of 45 dwellings, parking lots and storage rooms with the dwellings being row houses arranged in three main platforms, following the land directrix (blocks 1, 2 and 3) and looking for the perfect solar orientation.

The three platforms are connected by three vertical access lines, two with stairs parallel to the party wall and a central one connected by linked elevators (accessible route) to overcome the 25 meters slope.

The dwellings distribution per platform is:




The last platform, at the height of +35.05m, is a common green area designed for the use and recreation of the thalweg.

The platforms are arranged parallel to the façade, following the horizontal land lines to the thalweg, this way the dwellings are stepped so they all enjoy the sea views.

One of our premises is getting every dwelling to enjoy the surroundings and not bother each other. In this case the land helps us make this possible, as ir makes the dwellings fit in and, without resorting to the maximum height, it assures good views.

Due to the possibilities that the land offers us, we can find a great variety of dwellings, although there is a mother typology with a 2 bedroom plan repeated. In addition, depending on their location there are also duplex dwellings  towards the first floor with 3 bedrooms, and others towards the semi-buried floor with spacious and multifuncional areas.

Another one of our goals is to hide the vehicles, so we propose buried parkings on the first platform in two different levels making all of the housing complex mainly pedestrian.

Furthermore, the dwelling´s layout ensures lighting, air circulation and privacy, which are fundamental values for  future users.

We also plan for the construction of a communal pool located on the edge of the plot, where it is disolved with the natural thalweg on top of a terrace located towards nature. Next to the pool, the purifying room and toilets are located along with a multipurpose area with a terrace.

We plan for a total of 53 parking lots and 46 storage rooms.

BVH Exterior Solarium.jpg


  • Year: 2019

  • Client: Metrovacesa

  • Surface: 8830,41 m2

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