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Plaza de la Mata, Sevilla

Reform project for a building between pary walls with 5 dwellings and 2 commercial premises

8 Plaza de la Mata, Sevilla


The building is divided into two clearly distinct areas, an exterior one oriented to the façade and the street and another interior area oriented to the main courtyard, both of them separated and united on different spots of the building. The central area, where the stairs and elevator are located, between two courtyards, is the core where all of the paths are born and it clearly defines the distribution of the dwellings. 


The building is a multi-family construction with commercial premises which are distributed in this following way: 


On the ground floor we find the hallway that gives access to the dwellings and on both sides of it we can find two commercial premises oriented to the street. Through this hallway you can also access to a one bedroom dwelling located on the ground floor. 


Two dwellings are located on the first floor, one oriented to the façade and the other one to the main courtyard, both of them with just one bedroom.


We have the same distribution on the second floor but with a slight difference, the dwelling oriented to the courtyad has a study area located on the derrick which can be accesed to  by a spiral staricase, taking up all of the terrace at the back as a private area. Also on the derrick you can access the community terrace, oriented to the main façade, through a little hall.


Despite the inclusion of the elevator and the redistribution of rooms, the building maintains its original nature of spaces and paths. 


  • Year: 2002

  • Client: CAP DEU S.L.

  • Construction company: -----

  • Surface:   406,14 m2

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