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Ateneo Cabalgata

Remodelling Project of Industrial facility for permanent headquarters of the Magic Kings Parade of the Ateneo de Sevilla, Seville

The purpose is to remodel an industrial facility built at the beginning of XX century, the old Catalan Gas Factory, located in the Povenir neighbourhood, Seville . The purpose is to adapt said facility to be permanent headquarter of the Magic Kings Parade that the Seville City Council organizes.

Due to the change in function, it is necessary a restoration and adaptation of the space. Following the contemporary architecture criteria, the London buildings Dochlands have been take as an example (the port area which has been remodelling for tertiary purposes).

These adjustments will take also into account the restoration of the particular building elements, providing the building with light and colour to adapt to the future new users: the children. It is important to remember that the Parade is addressed basically to them and the most important element is the happiness.

The space has been divided mainly for two purposes:

1.- Main use: floats formation and preparation.

- Arrangement gallery

- Exhibitions gallery

2.- Other purposes

– Administrative area (offices)

- VIP area (halls) Royal Hall and Orient Hall

- Restrooms and dressing rooms

- Exhibitions gallery / view point

Furthermore, to accomplish the arrangement, a double entrance for the floats will be placed as well as a double pedestrian entrance.


  • Year: 2005

  • Client: Martín Robles

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