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Monsalves 18

Reform project for a detached single family house.

18 Monsalves street, Sevilla

We are talking about a building between two side walls with 4 floors, constisting of ground, first and second floor and a recessed attic in relation to the façade.  

The property is located in of the Historic Centre sectors which lacked the Special Plan,  for this reason all of the interventions that were proposed didn´t denature any of the elements that are considered characteristical or defining of this typology, as the façade, the courtyard, the stairs and the deck.

We only want to put to use a single family house that hasn´t been used for a long time, but that is located in a solid and secure consruction. It just requires an adjustment to the new family that´s going to live there, both for the distribution and upgrading of the coatings, joinery and facilities. 


By doing so, the project maintains the current building outline, where the main element is still the courtyard, which is next to the stairs for vertical communication.



  • Year: 2008

  • Client: Manuel Folgado Astasio.

  • Construction company: -----

  • Surface:  143,59 m2

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