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Special Plan of Interior Reform  ARI-DS-03 Hytasal, Seville

The convenience and opportunity of the execution of the sector is revealed by the exigency of the fulfillment of the conditions and period imposed by the general plan.

As for the conditions of execution of the general systems, which must guarantee the suitable insertion of the sector in the city, at present they are totally executed.

The new plan, it recognizes opportunities for the implantation of new uses and urban functions, joining the zone of general  arrangement singular project of the south.

The industrial character  of this sector together with his topography, they provoke a certain discontinuity in the urban fabric, impeding the transverse connection between two principal routes  inside the city, since they are the avenue of the peace, and in minor measure hytasa's avenue.

Of this form, between the aims of general  character they raise the improvement of two unconnected sectors of the city, since they are the “Cerro del Aguila” and the “Poligono Sur”, and more concretly, and since it has been mentioned previously, between the avenue of the peace and Hytasa's avenue.

It is for everything previous that can steady the convenience and opportunity of the draft of the special plan of Hytasal's interior reform, inside the strategy of development of the determinations of the general  plan in the program of action of the same one.

The aim of the arrangement is to liberate soil by means of construction in height, so that the free generated spaces turn into elements that give life's better quality to the fabric urban of the sector sur.


  • Year: 2006

  • Client: Comarex Corporación Inmobiliaria

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