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Hermandad de los gitanos

Competition for the new headquarters of the “Hermandad de los gitanos”, Seville.

External image of the building , seeks to be treated as a singular use building, its facade recalls the silhouette of the wall that accompanies it, flare holes also recall the loopholes of the castles and with its scale seek to generate an environment consistent with the Church, because allowing the open spaces surrounding the set as well.


Also looking for a differentiating element of the environment that shows their religious character, surrounds the building on ground floor of a golden lattice, which recalls Golden  elements of the church in its design as well as in the center of the module is recreated simplified the coat of the brotherhood, this element allows us to provide security at the holes in ground floor generate the input, leave the passage of light, qualify the outside views, but at the same time create a milestone in your environment with a very powerful piece.


To finish the building following a classical cornice, plinth and development scheme, we propose to make a large bracket of reinforced concrete painted in gold, that helps us to complete the image of the building


  • Year: 2011

  • Client: Hermandad de los Gitanos de Sevilla

  • Surface: 900 m2

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