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Building remodelling for 2 dwellings and commercial, 4 Harinas, st. Seville

The architectural offer that represents the present Project, part of the consideration of the architectural and patrimonial values of the building, preserving what is considered to be relevant, in this case only the front of the building, since the interior, besides its current state of deterioration, does not present special interest, and on the other hand it does not adjust by no means to the needed nowadays for a building plurifamiliar residential.

In any case one does not give up effecting an offer of contemporary architecture that coexists and conjugates adequately with the above mentioned front, given the cataloguing of this one, as well as with its environment.

The proposed typology, beside adjusting to the current Municipal Ordinances, tries to answer for the disposition in the plot to the already existing thing, supporting the location and configuration of the courts. 


  • Year: 2000

  • Client: Casa Márquéz, S.A.

  • Surface: 404 m2

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