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Gonzalo de Bilbao

Project for 13 dwellings, 2 offices and 3 commercial premises.

22 Gonzalo Bilbao street, and Padre Méndez Casariego street. Sevilla

The plot is located on a corner between Gonzalo de Bilbao street and Padre Méndez Casariego street, that is a great starter point which allows ventilated and sunny dwellings.


We propose a symmetirc distribution for the building with two dwellings on each floor. The shared areas set the symmetri axis, and the courtyard is located in the back at the left with one of the dwellings and the shared staircase.


The dwellings´ distribution is rather simple, with one bedroom, living room and bedroom oriented to the street and damp cores oriented to the inside.

As the building is outside the Historic Center, the façade offers a modern twist to the surroundings, which is renewing itself little by little, to answer the requirements of this area of the city.  

Situación2 gonzalo de bilbao.jpg


  • Year: 2006

  • Client: SENTIER, S.L.

  • Construction Company: ---

  • Surface: 1326,52 m2

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