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Galera, 4-6, Sevilla

Reform project for a single family building between party walls with a garage.

4-6 Galera street, Sevilla


Our proposal comes from the consideration of the architectural and patrimonial construction values, keeping or reconstructing what we consider relevant, like the structural scheme, façade and the first "crujía", stair location and shape of the courtyards. 

Regarding the interior distribution, we suggest the reform of the partitioning and the location of the rooms, but in general, we are keeping its main use as a single family dwelling, so changes are not that drastic. 


We also suggest maintaining the location and shape of the stairs in property nº 6, even though we will have to rebuild it because of its poor state, at the same time we are removing the stairs of the property nº 4 because of its limited entity and we are replacing it with a new communication core and an elevator. 


The only change we present is, placing a glass "montera" on the courtyard of property n 6 wich will alow a better lighting and ventilation.

As we are going to demolish all of the worst shaped areas, we suggest keeping the structural system by adding brick load-bearing walls, metal supports and metal loading blocks, as maintaining the current alignment of the "crujías" and the dividing element between both of the properties. 


  • Year: 2004

  • Client: ALCAHE, S.L.

  • Construction company: -----

  • Surface:   275,29 m2

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