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Feria 16

Rehabilitation project for a building with 15 dwelings and a premisse

16 Feria street, Sevilla

This project is located in a plot with a D listed construction, 2 grade according to the PGOU-2004 and level E of protection according to the PGOU-87,  and afeected by the Historic Centre ordinances. The plot has a 281,46 m2 surface and a 9,69m façade oriented to Feria street.


The aim of the  proposal is to keep all of the elements that we consider characteristic of this type of construction, which despite all of the reforms, are still relevant, defining this type of building (apartment complex) but changed.

Our proposal doesn´t affect much the current distribution, because it is a partial reform which keeps the ground floor premise and the stair access to the dwellings on the upper floors. The most important change is the joining of two dwellings in one so it follows the required minimal dimensions  on the current regulation. This changes are made on the first, second and third floor turning those 15 dwellings into 12 new ones.


3 of the new dwellings are oriented to the façade, like the previous ones, and the other 9 are internal. 3 dwellings are duplex between the third floor and derricks.

The general outline is a pedestrian access in the same place as the original one, with access to the core of the building where the stairs and elevator are located, maintainging the current location of the building and distributing from here to the exterior and interior dwellings going through a gallery which joins a courtyard surrounded by some of the dwellings.

On the attic floor we propose placing all of the kitchens from the third floor dwellings, which have prrivate terraces attached. We are also keeping two shared terrace areas for all of the dwellings.



  • Year: 2005

  • Client: ISADOAN S.L.

  • Construction company: -----

  • Surface: 1.070,64 m2

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