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Feria, 10, Sevilla

Reform project for a 6 dwellings building with a commercial premise  10 Feria street, Sevilla

Our proposal for this D listed building, comes from the consideration of the architectural and patrimonial construction values, keeping or reconstructing what we consider relevant, in this case, only the façade because, the interior, apart from being so deteriorated, didn´t have much of an interest architecturally and it didn´t even adapt to the studio dwelling scheme proposed. So we proposed a improvement to a contemporary architecture which merges with the façade and its environment.

With our proposal we wanted to improve the lighting and ventilation, that is the reason why we suggested a small adjustment of the holes in the façade without disrupting the original scheme. We maintained the number of holes and their position and we recovered all of the balcony´s parts.


The original courtyard was removed due to its lack of space, bad location and not providing enough lighting and ventilation, but we maintained a memento on the roof floor with a skylight. 



  • Year: 2000

  • Client: INALCOVEN, S.L.

  • Construction company: -----

  • Surface:   232 m2

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