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Building remodelling between party walls for 6 dwellings and a commercial premise on 10 Feria Street, Seville

This particular house presents facades to Feria Street , Castellar Street and Hidalgo Agüero Street . Said facades present a homogeneous layout of holes with balcony doors in pairs on the side elevations and two individuals with central window in the main facade over Castellar Street .

The building remains mainly with the existing elements, in its access layout, stairs and common areas. The only difference is the dwellings inside structure, which because of this project particular needs the dwellings vary not only in size but also in number, given that they are studio apartment for rent.

The existing patio, due to its limited area and deficient location, light and ventilation, is removed, keeping only a small part with the form of a skylight.

Ground floor: it contains an access for the dwellings and the rest of the area is the commercial premises.

First floor: Two studio apartments are located on the main facade and a third duplex using also the second floor.

Second floor: It repeats the first floors scheme and is completed with the duplex.

Third floor: Tower stairs that provides access to the common solarium; a dwelling that coincides in the location of the existing one. The living room of said studio apartment faces the private terrace.


  • Year: 2000

  • Client: Inalcoven, S.L.

  • Construction company: Cosinfra, S.L.

  • Surface: 232 m2

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