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Daoiz, Sevilla

Reform project for a single-family building, parking and offices between party walls.

11 Daoiz street, Sevilla


Considering the architectural and patrimonial values of the building, we suggest keeping everything that is considered relevant, which, in this case, is almost all of the structral scheme of the dwelling, courtyards, gallerys, façade and location and shape of the stairs.

Regarding the interior distribution, we propose reforming the interior partitioning and the location of the rooms, but being the main use as a single-family dwelling, this changes are not that extreme.

We want to include a working area and a parking on the ground floor. The rest of the space is distributed as usual, day area on the first floor, night area on the second floor and leisure and guests area on the attic floor.


There is also a proposal for changing the current stairs, but keeping its shape and location. We suggest a reditribution of the steps and its building materials, being made of reinforced concrete instead of wood.

As for the rest of the distribution we suggest clearing up the courtyard removing all of the non relevant constructions and recovering all of this free space which will improve the ventilation and lighting of the rooms.


This proposal, beside being adapted to the current Municipal Ordinances, tries to cover important subjects of the dwelling such us lighting and ventilation, that is why we suggest a central paths area and all of the rooms oriented to the façade. 


  • Year: 2002

  • Client: Casa Marquez S.A.

  • Construction company: -----

  • Surface:   396,71 m2

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