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Cordoba 2.3 residential building

Exempt building for dwellings, commercial spaces, warehouses and garages.

Lot 2.3. de la U.E. RENFE, Cordoba

The architectonic proposal begins with the consideration of the development conditions of this specific plot of land, as well as the environment where it is located, close to the historic quarter of Cordoba.

A six floor building is projected, reconsidering the traditional architecture elements to adapt them to the functional needs of the contemporary dwellings. With regard to the roofing, solariums are proposed since, due to the area they require, they allow placing washing lines for the clothes in the centre area so that they remained unseen from public streets.

The dwelling central core is an entrance-hall that acts as a connection between the bedrooms area and the living area.

Finally, with regard to the general exterior appearance of the building due to the place is located in the city, close to the historical quarter but with a new developed residential area, a contemporary character building is designed, that enhances the difference with the classic cottage and reflects an image of a new and contemporary city in an area where the city itself claims it.

The building includes two underground levels, for 45 parking spaces, 28 warehouses and area reserved for the facilities (engine rooms, sewage tanks, cleaning room and water tanks).

The ground floor is reserved for commercial premises, the dwellings entrance-hall and the garage entrance access placed on the rear facade. A mezzanine has been placed in the commercial premises with access through a stairs, which allows a warehouse area or interior office.


On the first, second and third floor, the dwellings are arranged through two symmetrical staircases, centred and connected to the patio.

On the fourth and fifth floor, the rear facade is place backward lining up with the patio, remaining both stairs in this facade. On these floors the dwellings structure the same, except for a duplex dwelling placed between fourth and fifth floor.


  • Year: 2003

  • Client: Metrovacesa

  • Construction company: Dragados

  • Surface: 5598 m2

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