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Housing Cordoba

Competition for a new building for housing, premises and parking spaces. Solar 17. C/ María Auxiliadora. Cordova.

The project consists of 3 floors above ground for homes and two below ground for garage and storage rooms.

It has a pedestrian access and two for independent entry and exit vehicles.

The total number of homes is 37, which are distributed as follows:

12 1-bedroom homes

16 2-bedroom homes

9   3-bedroom homes

Of which 6 with 1 bedroom and 4 with 2 bedrooms are duplexes.

The building has two complete vertical cores, stairs and elevator, located in the building to optimize routes a  the homes.

Both reach the two floors below ground.

As proposed common uses, there is a children's play area in the free space or patio, on the ground floor, and on the first floor as the end of the curved walkway, a community pool area, which we consider as a possibility, although Its use could always be modified, always for the good of the community.


  • Year:2009

  • Promoter: Vimcorsa

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