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holy well

Reform of a single-family home, professional studio and garage.

Plaza Pozo Santo, 2. Seville

The building has a trapezoidal figure, with facades facing the Plaza del Pozo Santo (the smallest) and the other two ac/ Lepanto and c/ Amparo. It consists of three floors, with a gabled roof at the bottom of the plot on the second floor.

It starts from the consideration of the architectural and patrimonial values of the building, conserving the façade of the building as well as its structural lines, and completely reforming the interior. A change of use of the building is proposed, proposing a single-family program of professional study, garage and housing. In addition to a change in the position of the current staircase, since due to its own dysfunctional and uneven shape, as well as its bad location, it does not contribute anything interesting to the future reform.

The garage is located on the ground floor, which is accessed from C/ Amparo; the entrance to the house and the professional studio, which is located towards the Plaza del Pozo Santo, through an entrance hall that divides the study and home entrances.

The Professional Studio occupies the ground floor and a large part of the first floor. On the ground floor there is an open space for a work area; A separate staircase leads to the first floor, which is divided into two main spaces: a transit area with two workstations and a private area for an office and meeting room, where the toilet is located.

The House is distributed between the first, second and attic floors:

•  On the first floor, a service bedroom with toilet above the garage entrance

•  On the second floor 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms, and main dining room

•  In the attic, the kitchen and a family room, both open to the terrace, divided into two: a smaller service room for the kitchen, and a larger one for recreational use. The pool divides the Communication between both enclosures to give privacy to each of them.


  • Year: 1999

  • Promoter:Roman and Canivell

  • Builder:Dolmen works and services, SL

  • Ssurface:410 m2

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