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North Arc Homes

New plant works for 139 semi-detached single-family homes.

Plot F1-AO-33. Pago de Vijaldoso, Two Sisters (Seville)

It is about developing a set of 139 houses for semi-detached residential use, organized into a set of 5 independent buildings, with two large free common spaces in the central area, for the location of swimming pools and paddle tennis court.

The 139 homes are distributed in:

Building 1: Townhouses 1 to 33 (33 units)

Building 2: Townhouses 34 to 57 (24 units)

Building 3: Townhouses 58 to 73 (16 units)

Building 4: Townhouses 74 to 103 (30 units)

Building 5: Townhouses 104 to 139 (36 units)

It is about 5 buildings, whose access is directly to the houses, avoiding long corridors  of circulation.

Regarding the dimensions of the dependencies, the provisions of the habitability decree in force have been followed.

There are a large number of glass openings to guarantee the lighting and ventilation standards required by the CTE. All glazed surfaces comply with the requirements of the CTE in terms of dimensions.


  • Year:2007

  • Promoter:promote

  • Builder: Tregocons

  • Surface: 23038 m2

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