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Menéndez Pelayo 57-59

Building remodelling between party walls for 9 dwellings, commercial premises, garages and warehouses in 57-59 Menendez y Pelayo Avenue, Seville

The plot of land consists of two buildings protected with type D, partial protection Degree 2, which have been unified in one building. The purpose is to maintain the facade on its original state and ornamentation, as well as the first area built, maintaining the height and building the basement from said area.

The inside patios remained in the same shape, location and gallery appearance, increasing its proportions to provide more light and ventilation to the rooms.

The building project consists of a residence block with basement for parking spaces, warehouses and two commercial premises. It is structured around a common central patio that provides access to the dwellings. The street access is no 57 Menendez y Pelayo Avenue. The vehicle access is next to the pedestrian access. The basement level offers 12 parking spaces and 9 warehouses, and enough area for the installations.

The commercial premises are located on the rest of the avenue facade and it is divided in two from the old party wall line.


  • Year: 2000

  • Client: Proferco, S.L.

  • Construction company: Construcciones Jurado, S.A.

  • Surface: 1670 m2

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