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Abba Hotel Sevilla

Transformation of an office building into a four-star hotel.

Encarnación square, Seville.

It deal with the transformation of a office building into a four-star hotel. This has a ground floor: designed primarily to common areas of the hotel: access, reception, general toilets, café and lounge areas and administrative areas and address.

According to the rest of the floors, it is repeated distribution of housing units, organized always turning to both facades or the inner courtyard, is proposed to make habitable the center of the plot and collect light and views to the south.

From the third floor, the building generated terraces and losing volumen to the south, to meet also with lower height of Bridge Street frontage and Pellon. Our proposal follows the same path, but aims to créate a more unified picture of these elements, the  cental body up Room (singular for its curves shape and color) the help us créate a clean and simple image of the building in his last plants.



  • Year: 2019

  • Client: Abba

  • Construction company: Sacyr

  • Surface: 5800 m2

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